Downloading Video Files

Below, there are links of video files that are for download. When you click the link, you will be asked if you want to save the file to your local computer. Save the file to your computer desktop by using the dialog box and by choosing Desktop as your destination to save the file. Once the file is saved to your local computer, you can click on it to watch it using Windows Media Player or whatever media player you use. These files have been scanned for viruses and are free of viruses. Before downloading any file, the user should maintain some form of virus protction software on his or her computer.

File Size

Most of the video files are small in size, about 3 - 5 MB; but some are rather large. In the case of the larger files, I have broken them into smaller files that can be easily downloaded. If you have a dial-up connection, even the smaller files will take considerable time to fully download before you can play them on your local computer.

If you have a broadband or cable modem access, the file size will not be a factor.

Video Selections

Choose one of the videos from the first column by video number

Video Number  File NameSize  Description of Video
Video One  broachgrind1.mpg 3.01 M.B.  

Broaching machine operator sharpens a broach - part one

 Video Twobroachgrind2.mpg   2.08 M.B. Broaching machine operator sharpens a broach - part two 

 Video Three

broachgrind3.mpg  3.14 M.B.  

Broaching machine operator sharpens a broach - part three

 Video Fourvertical1.mpg   4.66 M.B.Vertical broaching machine operation 
 Video Fivevertical2.mpg   2.81 M.B.Vertical broaching machine operation 
 Video Six vertical3.mpg  4.62 M.B.Vertical broaching machine operation 
Video Seven   horizontal1.mpg

54.1 M.B.  

Horizontal broaching machine operation (very large file, cable modem or broadband only)

 The files below are part 1, part 2, and part 3 of Video 7just broken into three smaller files that can be downloaded much easier   than the larger 54.1 M.B. file.Cable modem access download okay, but dial-up download would still take considerable time.
 Video Seven Part Onehorizontal1part1.mpg   19.3 M.B. Horizontal broaching machine operation part one
 Video Seven Part Two  horizontal1part2.mpg 19.9 M.B. Horizontal broaching machine operation part two
 Video Seven Part Three horizontal1part3.mpg  5.36 M.B.Horizontal broaching machine operation part three 
 Video Eighthorizontal2.mpg   20.6 M.B.Horizontal broaching machine operation  

Videos available for download on this website are for reference only.

They are to give the user a visual of what the broaching process entails.